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President's Choice Prizes for the
6th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards

The Beverly Hills Book Awards President's Choice Prizes are personally selected by Ellen Reid, the President of the Beverly Hills Book Awards from the group of Winners & Finalists that have been recognized in all contest categories. Rather than highlighting any specific element, these awards recognize the books that demonstrate an indefinable synergy of elements that makes for an excellent presentation.

6th Annual President's Choice Prizes

Hi Everyone,

We are so delighted and pleased the prizes for the 6th Annual contest are these excellent companies!

The President's Choice prizes are selected by Ellen Reid, Sponsor and CEO of The Beverly Hills Book Awards. The recipients are selected from the Winners and Finalists.

WINNER : The Belief Zone: A Blueprint to Make More Money, Give Back to the Organizations You Care About and Live an Authentic Life

Ursula C. Mentjes
Motivational Press

The Belief Zone: A Blueprint to Make More Money, Give Back to the Organizations You Care About and Live an Authentic Life

Event Management Services

Event Management Services

Value: $3,750

Relations (, an industry leader in the promotion of books, is looking forward to providing the prize of a comprehensive national talk-radio publicity campaign valued at $3,750.00.  This incredible package includes 15 talk-radio interviews on the local and national level.

EMSI has been arranging talk radio interviews for 25 years, scheduling 40 to 50 interviews every week. As a result, talk show hosts and producers around the country consider EMSI to be one of their primary sources of guests, topics and experts.

Talk radio is a dynamic medium with an audience of actively engaged listeners. They tune in to hear what the host and guests are talking about daily. The voices heard by the listener are often regarded as coming from old friends or even a trusted advisor. That’s why the established relationship that hosts have with their listeners constitutes a strong third-party endorsement for you and is also why it qualifies as an excellent promotional strategy to provide broad and immediate national exposure for you and your book.

Why is talk radio so dynamic? Because the listeners are a highly desirable audience. Talk radio listener demographics are described in an article published in Talkers Magazine, the top periodical for the talk radio industry:

  • “Talk radio listeners are diverse, mature, educated, attentive, active and affluent...”
  • “A majority of the talk radio audience is… 35 - 64.”
  • “Economically, talk radio’s audience has to be considered among mass media’s most affluent. 42% of the talk radio audiences have a household income in excess of $60,000 per year and 62% earn over $50,000.”
  • “Relative to other forms of mass media, the talk radio audience is clearly one of the most educated, with a notably high percentage of listeners who have attended one or more years of college. (35% have graduated with a four-year college degree.)”
  • “…the gap between men and women in the audience has narrowed, bringing it to 57% male / 43% female.”

Here are some facts about our radio campaign and the guidelines we use:

A. All interviews are done over the phone, in the comfort of your home or office.

B. Another guideline we use is scheduling interviews on stations boasting a minimum of 5,000 watts of power.

C. The spokesperson will have an opportunity to direct listeners to your Website and/or bookstores. 

D. Due to our close relationships with hosts and producers, we know the shows that are a good match for your topic. 

Keep in mind that some of the interviews will be scheduled on nationally syndicated shows, in which case you will be heard on hundreds of stations around the country.


Genius Media, Inc.

Event Management Services Value: $2,500

Genius Media, Inc., an industry leader in the promotion of eBooks, is honored to provide the President's Choice Prize of an eBook and media promotion to the winner of the 2016 Beverly Hills Book Awards.

The winner of the prize will receive the following:

A full scale eBook promotion that will generate thousands of free downloads and hundreds of paid eBook sales. The winner keeps 100% of all royalties generated (net of Amazon’s fees). The winning book will become a genuine Amazon Bestseller and get on the influential Amazon Movers and Shakers list. This promotion also organically generates Amazon book reviews and causes the writer’s Amazon Author Rank to soar.

You will join the ranks of past Beverly Hills Book Award winners like Ayn Cates Sullivan who regularly use Genius Media to promote their titles successfully. For both new and established authors, a Genius Media eBook promotion offers a powerful opportunity to increase online literary visibility and book royalty income.