KUDOS for 4th Annual Awards

We are so thrilled to hear from everyone...here is what they are saying...

Dear Beverly Hills Book Awards:

I would like to express my wholehearted THANKS for awarding my first book TRIPS, TRAVELS AND DREAMS How LSD Saved Me as a Finalist in your category for New Non-Fiction. You have made all the years of wondering what would become of what I was writing worth it. I apologize for the delay in thanking you, but I've been in shock.

But it's a wonderful shock.


Michael Vaughn Palmer


"Your book truly embodies the excellence that this award was created to celebrate," the organizers wrote in their letter announcing the award. I'm sure nobody ever imagined saying that to me as I worked away in the prison woodshop years ago.

It also began to take off in sales, according to the book's Amazon ranking. For the first time, the book cracked the top 50,000 in all books sold on Amazon. Many of my early readers and supporters helped elevate the book by sharing it on social media and writing reviews on Amazon. I have nearly 50 reviews of Fixed so far and counting (and most are pretty good, Thank the Lord!) all of which helps the book gain traction and sales.

Like I said, it's been a pretty good week.


Thank you so much!

I am thrilled and honoured to be a winner of the 4th annual Beverly Hills International awards! I have announced it today on social media with a video message, which you can see here, and it's getting a great reaction! Also attached please find a photo of me with my book. I would be happy to provide a testimonial for the website, or feel free to share my photo and video.

Thanks you again, All the best,

Miss Amelia Kallman
Diary of a Shanghai Showgirl


Thank you so much!

I can't possibly describe how thrilled I am that Quest for Kriya was recognized as a Winner in the 4th Annual Beverly Hills International Book Awards (Multicultural Fiction). It is truly an honor to receive such a prestigious award, which distinguishes and celebrates excellence in book publishing. That my book met the high standard this award exemplifies, is truly humbling.

I'd like to thank you personally and the judges for doing such a wonderful service. It's no easy task to scrutinize and select amongst all the books - each a labor of love of the talented author. And many a times, the difference between the Winner and other books is so tiny that it's a tough call to make.

A huge Congratulations goes out not only to All the Winners but also to all the Finalists and the Participants.

Best Regards,

Rahul Deokar
Quest for Kriya


Dear Beverly Hills Book Awards:

I want to take a moment to extend my sincerest appreciation to you for having chosen Oathtaker: The Oathtaker Series, Vol. 1, as a Finalist in the Fourth Annual Beverly Hills International Book Awards contest!

Thank you!

Patricia Reding

Dear Beverly Hills Book Awards

Authoring is a challenge to our creative side as well as the perseverance for the project. The recognition we authors get from thankful readers and better yet from judges who put our books in the winner's circle help open the doors for the next phase after writing the book which is marketing.

Huge thanks go to Ellen Reid and the judges of the 2016 Beverly Hills Book Awards for a very well organized and industry wide recognized competition.

These awards were truly heartfelt. When I got the notice that I had won an award it never dawned on me that I might have won a second award. One was perfect and wonderful. For fun I decided to check out the winners in other categories and much to my total surprise there was my book in TWO more categories.

It's an honor for my book, Walking to Woot, to be chosen as a winner in the Travel and Multi-cultural categories and a finalist in the Parenting category. Awards make a big difference in our competitive world out there. So it is with great satisfaction that I will proudly place my winner's seal on the cover of my book.

Baskets full of smiles and hugs and thanks are enclosed in this thank you for all your hard work in helping us authors push ourselves to the winner's level.


Jackie Chase
Walking to Woot

I just received an e-mail advising me that my book, The Reading Promise, was the winner of The Beverly Hills Book Awards - Children's Picture Books (ages 4-8).

I can't even begin to describe how excited and honored I am that you chose to recognize my book a second time; thank you so much! The first competition that I ever entered was the National Indie Excellence Awards, and when my book won that (in the same category) it actually gave me the confidence (and motivation) to put myself "out there" again, and it has certainly paid off as this is the 16th award for this book. What an exciting (and humbling) experience!

Once again I'd like to thank you and your team for choosing and recognizing my book, The Reading Promise, in such an extraordinary way!

Troy Kent
The Reading Promise



There is nothing as thrilling and rewarding to an author than receiving an email from the awards committee stating that her/his book is a winner. The joy is multiplied when two books are declared winners. I still have a lump in my throat as I write this letter of thanks to you. It is an honor to receive your prestigious award. I feel honored that once again two of my books CLASSICS: How we can encourage children to read them (Education) and Amina: The Silent One (Regional Fiction) met the high standards that this award celebrates and was declared the winner in the 4th Beverly Hills International Book Awards.

Thank you once again. It was truly a lovely Easter gift.

With warm regards,

Fiza Pathan
Amina, The Silent One


Forgive my delay in saying thank you for picking my latest book for the President's Award. I'm hugely humbled and thrilled.

The book has been a labor of love, and it's hugely rewarding to get this kind of recognition, especially from you.

Many thanks again for this fantastic honor.

All my best,

David Grossman ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA
Founder & CEO
The Grossman Group

I would like to express my gratitude to you and your wonderful team for awarding my book 'The Trees Have Hearts' the 4th Annual Beverly Hill Book Award. Hopefully, The Trees Have Hearts will touch children's hearts and remind them that no matter how we look or where we come from, or what languages we speak, everyone needs a friend who will love us and accept us for what we are. By nature, children are very compassionate and caring. We just have to direct them in the right direction. I thank you again and again for my sweet award, which I believe is worth a million dollars.


Best regards,


Dear BHBA,

It is with deepest joy and gratitude I write this to you. When I opened this email I was stunned. I extend a most sincere thank you to you and all of BHBA, and the panel of judges for choosing to include my book Happily Inner After as a finalist in your 4th annual awards contest. I am just overjoyed. You are my very first award. Already I am promoting it on my website and social media. I want to add that yesterday, at Vicki Abelson's Women Who Write Literary Salon, I announced my books first award from you to the attendees and her celebrity special guests. What a joy it was for me to include you in that moment as all were so happy for me there.

Many Blessings of Thanks!!!!!


Very happy from the selection of my book, "Better Dead Than Divorced", as a winner of the Beverly Hills Book Award, True Crime category. I am very appreciative and honored. It means a lot. Everybody was impressed, as soon as i announced it in my connections with the media. You are doing a great job.

Best regards

Lukas Konandreas, M.D.
Author of "Better Dead Than Divorced"


Thank you!

I am truly thrilled to learn that The Audacious Ladies of La Gran Sorellanza was the winner for action/adventure. I feel this award will be a big boost in promoting the book for the purpose of educating the populace on the travesty in this country regarding the sex trafficking of our precious children. In addition, it may well give women a boost of confidence to do more to prevent trafficking in their communities. As for the novel itself, I am flattered and honored that it was chosen.

Thank you.

K-lee Starland, Ph.D
The Audacious Ladies of La Gran Sorellanza


Thinking about you..!

So happy i entered your Book Award..Started writing Fredrick #2..older age version..like a Harry Potter ..it will intertwine Fredrick with my life story..a thriller!

ha thank you for everything!

Been in NYC 2 Times once with with Publishers..this is fun!

I’m so thrilled with the news! Thank you, thank you so much!!

Warmest regards,

Sophia Michelle Delanner
About Anna...


I am absolutely thrilled that my book is a winner in the Beverly Hills Book Awards! I am even more thrilled that it won in the Social-Political Change category. Given the heartbreaking plight of homeless people in Los Angeles (which I follow closely), it is especially meaningful for me to know that the issue of homelessness, as well as my book, resonated with whoever chose it as a winner.

Thank you for this wonderful honor. I’ll be mailing a check for stickers tomorrow!!

Pat Morgan
Author: The Concrete Killing Fields


Dear BHBA Team,

I'm writing to you to say how delighted I am to win THE BEVERLY HILLS BOOK AWARD for my debut novel of visionary fiction THE SOUL WHISPERER. I'm a British author who has been fortunate to win non-fiction awards in the past, but THE BEVERLY HILLS BOOK AWARD is particularly meaningful to me at this point in my life. Being my first novel, it was a long and difficult journey to finally complete the book and then to find a publisher. Now it's won an award which is truly satisfying, fulfilling and humbling all in one.

The book was written to help, support and challenge people's beliefs, to open their hearts and minds - and thanks to you and your organisation, many more people will now get to hear about it - - - in fact I hope that THE SOUL WHISPERER will one day be a movie, and reach an even wider audience. Your award has supported me in that dream, and I am forever grateful for that.

In peace & gratitude, and with a thousand thanks,


Thank you so much for this wonderful news. It is an honor to be selected the 2016 Winner of the Romance Category. Your announcement made my day!

Jayne Nichols
Once in a Lifetime


Thank you so much for this honor; I deeply appreciate the recognition, especially as a first time author.

Best regards,

Suzette Glasner-Edwards
The Addiction Recovery Skills Workbook


This is a wonderful honor and I am eternally grateful for the recognition, especially given this must've been quite a crowded field. Being recognized in my chosen genre with such a prestigious award by an organization as professional and reputable as the Beverly Hills Book Awards is rendered even more vital in such a crowded and competitive marketplace. All writers are looking for ways to distinguish their work from the multitude of other offerings available, ways to further position and define themselves. Being fortunate enough to have received this award makes for the perfect recipe for just that in my case and I count this recognition among the true highlights of my career.

My deepest appreciation again for your consideration and I look forward to entering both my next Caitlin Strong thriller (STRONG COLD DEAD) and my just released non-fiction title (TAKEDOWN) in next year's contest.


Jon Land
Strong Light Of Day


I am so overwhelmed and grateful that Inflection Point was chosen as the winner in the new non-fiction category in the 2015 Beverly Hills Book Awards contest that I am finding it difficult to know where to start this note of appreciation. On Thursday, March 24, I underwent full hip replacement surgery, the inevitable end result of a fall down the marble staircase in Grand Central Station in New York City three years before. On Saturday, as I returned from the hospital in a haze of anesthesia and pain-induced fog, this news was waiting for me! Talk about an instant upward lift!

Any author is doubtless thrilled to have their work recognized as a literary contribution to the field, but I, as a first-time author, and a wounded soldier to boot, well, I just can't explain the thrill I experienced, not to mention the shot of adrenaline to my system that was doubtless good for my healing! This is my first book award which makes the acknowledgment even that much more special for me. The connection to LA is the final special aspect of this award, as my publisher, Marcus McGee, of Pegasus Books resides there.

Once again, thank you so very much, Ellen, and The Beverly Hills Book Awards judges. I can only imagine how difficult the task of judging books must be. Lastly, I would like to congratulate all the authors, as it is an accomplishment to write (and complete) any book.


Traci Medford-Rosow
Inflection Point, War and Sacrifice in Corporate America, A Memoir


First I havent stopped screaming and dancing. What an honor to be named a Winner and Finalist. I want to thank you and your wonderful staff and judges. It will be wonderful to display my medal and place the seals on my book. I have already sent an email with your link to my publisher. I will certainly enter the contest again and will share about your contest with other authors that I know.

Thank you again for the honor of being chosen and a huge Congratulations to All Winners and Finalist.


Janet K. Shawgo
Wait for Me


Thank you so much for the Winner's Award in the New Adult Fiction category!!

Thanks so much!

Diana Y. Paul


Thank you for the award for "Meet Me Where I Am - An Alzheimer's Care Guide".

It has been an amazing journey writing the book and learning how many individuals have been helped since it was published I am near a third print and expect with the recognition winning the caregiver category of the Beverly Hills Book Award contest the book will find a larger audience, helping even more individuals who are in need of assistance with dementia care.


Mary Ann Drummond
Meet Me Where I Am - An Alzheimer's Care Guide


This is very exciting. I want to thank you, and members of your selection committee, for the honor.