KUDOS for 1st Annual Awards

We are so thrilled to hear from everyone...here is what they are saying...

"Thank you for your kind sentiments and support.

"It was an honor to be part of this year's Beverly Hills Book Awards competition. The awards programs you have created in your commitment to help independent authors and publishers make their work known to a larger audience are much appreciated.

"With gratitude and best wishes to you and your staff."

Carroll Blair
Author of Quarter Notes

"Had a great morning with Cid Hunter, my assistant and fellow author, Kathy Porter, and of course my fantastically, supportive husband, Jack. This Sunday morning our living room was quickly transfomed into a professional video studio. Cid Hunter, the owner and president of ITV Productions is an award winning editor and producer as well as a delightfully engaging professional. He called the same day that Unpredictable Webs was announced as the winner of the National Beverly Hills Book Award for fiction and winner of the #1 President's choice: My awesome prize being a professional ITV video interview to use on my website, social media, youtube, etc. What a great prize and a fun shoot to start the week. "

Darlene Quinn
Author of the National and International award winning Web series

Dear Team,

"Being announced as the winner of the first National Beverly Hills Book Awards for fiction was a thrill and a fantastic way to begin the week. How fortunate I feel to display the awesome Winner of the 2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards seal on Unpredictable Webs. Knowing how important award stickers are for validation and book promotion, my publisher has placed the seal on my on-line book cover images for print, eBook, and audio. These covers will be shown for on-line book sellers prior to the May 1st release date. I am also delighted to have the actual winning seals to place on the physical books for the launch of Unpredictable Webs on Cinco de Mayo at Barnes and Noble in the Maria Pacifica Mall------my favorite book store and host for all four of my book launches. Just when I thought things couldn't get much better I received notification this morning that Unpredictable Webs was one of Ellen Reid's President's Choice prizes from ITV Productions (a phenomenal $2500 value). The president of ITV has already called me and we are scheduled to shoot an author video in my own home on the 28th of this month. Woohoo!"


Darlene Quinn
Author of the National and International award winning Web series

"Thanks again-I am over the moon! You know when you’ve been working hard for years and you rarely receive any recognition? That’s what this felt like—a beautiful “God Nod” for all of the work that I’ve put in.

"Thanks for what you do to make authors lives so exciting!

"I appreciate you and what you do!"

Ursula Mentjes
President of Sales Coach Now
#1 Bestselling Author of Selling with Intention and Selling with Synchronicity Award winning Sales Expert, Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

"Thank you for sending me the good news. I'm honored to have a book of mine recognized with this award and appreciate the care and proficiency you and your organization have shown to the contestants of this competition."

All the best,

Carroll Blair

Good Afternoon and Happy Monday ~

Praise the Lord! Thank you so much ma'am for the vote of confidence that my book is something that others can enjoy and be inspired by. You have no idea how much this means to me. I'm deeply honored to participate in your awards program and winning is just the icing on the cake...Amen. *:"> blushing Please pass on my sincere gratitude to all the committee members as I'm forever grateful for the opportunity to share God's goodness and blessings through my writings. *:) happy

FYI, I've just finished writing to sequel so it's off to the publishers very soon. *:) happy Be well and stay encouraged.

God bless you and have a marvelous week,