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ENTER MISS THANG Receives Most Honored LGBT Non-Fiction Book of 2014

January 12

Brian Edwards may be a celebrated talent executive, multi-award winning producer, writer and occasional performer, but to friends such as Cindy Crawford and Vanessa Williams, he is known quite simply as Miss Thang. The late, great Joan Rivers wrote the foreword and Crawford penned the introduction to his recent autobiography, "Enter Miss Thang," (published by Archway Publishing) which became a national best seller and ends the year as the most honored LGBT Non-Fiction Book of 2014.

"Enter Miss Thang" received top honors for Best Humor and Best Gay & Lesbian Non-Fiction at The USA Best Book Awards, (presented by USA Book News), which rounded out the current book awards season, where Edwards earned a total of ten national and international awards in various categories such as Humor, as well as dominating the field of LGBT Non-Fiction with wins at The International Book Awards, The Beverly Hills Book Awards and The National Indie Excellence Awards, where it was also named Best Autobiography of the Year.

CMA & Grammy Award winner Pam Tillis will be hosting a special reception in Nashville, Tennessee next month to celebrate Edwards and all of the honors the book has received.

In addition to collecting honors for his story, Edwards is using the book to help others. All royalties from sales of "Enter Miss Thang" are donated to God's Love We Deliver - a New York City-based 501c3 that delivers nutritious, individually-tailored meals to people who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves. Supported self-publishing leader Author Solutions recognized Edward through its Real Authors Real Impact campaign last March.

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“Awards screen and honor the great books from the many ordinary books. The prestigious Beverly Hills Book Awards bring attention to the best."

—Dan Poynter, founder, Global Ebook Awards

Author of over 100 books and the leading authority on book marketing, promoting and distributing. Dan is one of the publishing industry's most energetic, experienced and respected leaders. 

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"This contest has a ton of credibility in the publishing industry. If you're serious about your writing career, I urge you to enter."

—New York Times best selling author, Michael Levin

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"The more exposure your book receives, the more readers know about it and have the opportunity to buy it and become your fan! Book awards are an excellent way to increase your visibility and to get third-party validation that in the huge sea of books released every year, yours is a standout!"

—Julie Schoerke Founder, JKSCommunications, A Literary Publicity Firm

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Welcome to the
Beverly Hills International Book Awards®

THE Winners & Finalists of the 3rd Annual INTERNATIONAL BEVERLY HILLS BOOK AWARDS have been selected!

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We are very proud of everyone who submitted their wonderful books. My vision for this contest is coming true….excellence reigns!
Thank you all…onward to next year!

Focusing on excellence in books in print from all publishing houses

Why the Beverly Hills Book Awards®?

Beverly Hills is synonymous with excellence, the best of the best. After decades in the publishing industry and listening to our colleagues talk about the ever-growing challenges when promoting books, we decided that since there were so many books being done well, we wanted to celebrate the physical book in print that has always and will always be a part of American culture. We consider cover and interior design, promotional text, aesthetic components and other factors that demonstrate outstanding presentation, in addition to the writing. We accept fiction and non-fiction books in a wide range of topics and categories including mystery, romance, business, self-help, memoirs, inspiration, and many more. See the complete list of categories.

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Focusing on excellence in books in print from all
publishing houses

Dear Members of the Beverly Hills Book Awards® Family,

Yes, that’s you! Whether your book was a winner or finalist this year or not, because you are entrants in our contest you are very much a part of the BHBAwards Family.

As you know, we started this contest to support authors and publishers in their efforts to promote their books. And certainly a contest winner sticker on a cover helps it to stand out. However, we want to emphasize to all of you that the accomplishment of getting a book into print and into the marketplace makes you a winner.

In the years ahead we look forward to seeing your books and doing what we can to help encourage the cause of authors who have the courage to put their work into the public eye. We want you to know we stand with you, we cheer you on, and we will continue to champion all who put their ideas, their creativity and their hearts forward in the wonderful endeavor of creating books.

Wishing you the very best of success in all your publishing endeavors.

The Beverly Hills Book Awards® Team


Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms is honored, as its author is, to be included in the Winner’s Circle for the Second Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards® in the Writing/Publishing category. This is the Author YOU’s fifth award received within the initial publication year—quite a feat! When we go back to print next month, we will proudly display the BHBA logo on the back cover.  As I tell all the authors that I have the pleasure of working with: book awards are an important of your marketing strategy.  

Dr. Judith Briles  
Creating successful authors with practical publishing guidance.™

The Book Shepherd Author and Publishing Expert
Author, Speaker, Consultant, Radio Show Host
Chief Visionary Officer of

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Praise for the BHBA!

Dr. Kathy Gruver, PhD, LMT, RM
Author of the new book, Body/Mind Therapies for the Bodyworker

Host of the National TV Series, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet on OTV.
Author of The Alternative Medicine Cabinet, WINNER OF THE Beverly Hills Book Awards

Give the Media One More Reason to Write about You: Win an Award!

October 23, 2012

One of the most effective marketing tools in your press kit is the coverage your title receives for winning a book award. Newspapers, magazines, online critics, and bloggers love to write about award-winning books. Plus, readers like to read award-winning recommendations and refer them to their friends and family.

Another benefit of winning a book award is that it gives the author (and publisher) added prestige. Bookstores and libraries typically take a second, longer, look at books designated as finalists and winners. This translates into more hand-selling by your favorite personal book distributors.

Fred Klein, former VP, Bantam Books, introducing the Beverly Hills Book Awards!


Dear Ellen,

Congratulations on launching the Beverly Hills Book Awards®!

There is nothing as elegant as a beautifully designed and printed book, and your new awards will bring greater awareness of this fine art form to a wider audience. What an excellent choice to invite a respected journalist like Fred Klein to introduce the awards on-line. Thanks for your commitment to excellence in publishing.

With respect,

Mara Purl, Best Selling Author

Sylvia Cary has won three awards for The Therapist Writer -- the "Gold" in the 2013 Global Ebook Awards (for the digital version of the book); "Winner" in the 2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards, and "Finalist" in the 2013 National Indie Excellence Awards (NIEA).

"There are so many perks to being 'the author of' a published book," she says. "It's the quickest way for a therapist or any other professional to be seen as an expert. It's instant credibility. It can help your career or business, help others, and you may even make money!"

- Sylvia Cary

"Winning the awards from The Beverly Hills Book Awards® has enabled me to surround myself with successful people and will help my book “Questions-Directions To Who You Are” be successful. Of all the awards my book has won the Beverly Hills Book Awards® is the very best! "

- Tim W. Turner